The mission of the Publishing House INGN is to provide an infrastructure for publications related to research results in the form of scientific journals.

Publishing House INGN examines and selects scientists’ opinion pieces about conducted researches and their outcomes.

In accordance with the mission the Publishing House INGN aims to:

- develop material, electronic and intellectual infrastructure for production of scientific journals;

- develop a system of peer-reviewed scientific journals covering all branches of science and territories;

- develop resources to help present these publications in science citation systems

Efficiency, quality and accessibility are the principles of the Publishing House INGN!

We work with both Russia and world’s best scientists and authors!

Publishing house INGN issues scientific journals in which beginning and experienced scientists can publish articles containing materials about their researches and achievements.

When your scientific cultivation will reach due level and you will need to publish them in the article Publishing house INGN invites authors to submit research articles for publication in its Journals.

At necessity and desire to discuss your scientific positions with colleagues you may subscribe to a printed journal or article of electronic journal on the web page of the Publishing House INGN.

We will be glad to see you among authors and subscribers of our scientific journals!

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If you cannot phone to us, you may write on our e-mail and we will necessarily answer you!

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