Publisher INGN invites scholars to submit research papers for publication in journals. Copyright compliance provided by licensing agreements.

Only articles that meet requirements for scientific article contents and requirements for scientific article elements are accepted for further consideration.

The volume of the main text of the article can not be less than 8,000 and not more than 25 000 characters with spaces.

Articles published by grants Publishing INGN to scientific publications, including:
- The free publication of an article in the journal
- Provision of free copies of copyright rooms
- The author's remuneration is not paid

If the article is not accepted for publication by the grant, it can be released under open access:
• Articles are freely available to read and download the readers of magazines with the right citation
• publication paid by the author (s) or their organizations and others sponsors.
Cost author's copy when publishing on the terms of open access link

Article submission may be carried out only via on-line submission system on the Journal web page.

Submission and peer-review processes for articles are formalized. Individual discussions with authors are excluded.

Articles sent to the Editorial Office for consideration via e-mail will not be processed.

We'll be glad to see You among authors of our journals!

Articles submitted for publication should reflect the results of theoretical, methodological and experimental researches.

According to their content the articles may be scientific and theoretical, scientific and practical, and scientific and methodological (more).

Authors assume responsibility for authenticity of information contained in the articles, as well as for quality of translation into other languages.

Journals of the Publishing House INGN include only author’s research articles in author's edition, with only some technical correction introduced.

Article Structure and Contents (more): 

1) Introduction;

2) Materials and Methods;

3) Results;

4) Discussion and Conclusions. 

Fragments of provided article are allowed to be emphasized as cross heading at the discretion of the author, with the relevant information set forth. 

Articles submitted for publication should be set out in accordance with the requirements of the scientific style, precisely, exactness, abstraction, consistency and objectivity of the statement, the use of special scientific terminology and vocabulary (more).

The article should include the following elements:
- information about the authors
- title of the article
- abstract
- keywords
- body text of the article including formulas, tables and figures
- bibliographical references within the text
- list of the references

Information about the authors, title, abstract, keywords and list of the references should be given in Russian and English languages.

Information about the authors
should contain academic title, degree, affilation (place of work or study), e-mail contact.

Article title
should reflect the content of the article, the subject and results of scientific research. It is supposed that the title includes both the pithiness and the attractiveness and uniqueness of the scientific work.

is a brief description of the purpose, content, form and other features of the article. The abstract should reflect basic and valuable in author’s opinion stages, objects and their features and conclusions of the study. A recommended size of the abstract is 300-500 signs. Keywords is a list of words reflecting the content of the text in terms of the object, scientific field and methods of investigation. 5-7 keywords are recommended. Amount of words within the key phrase should not be more than 3.

Formulas, equations, pictures, photographs and tables
should have captions or titles.

Bibliographic reference
contains information about another document cited, considered or mentioned in the text of the article. The reference should provide information necessary for identification, search and getting of overall features of the document.

The reference list
is of significance as a separate bibliographic guide.

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