All journals of the Publishing house INGN are peer-reviewed. The purpose of the peer-review is to make sure of conformity of article to scientific and editorial standards, to exclude methodological errors and falsifications.
All sent in journal edition articles are peer-reviewed by experts with a scientific degree of the doctor of sciences. Reviewers make the conclusions about expediency of the article publication.
Reviewers can both to be members of Editorial boards, and not to enter into their structure. External reviewers are involved for maintenance of high level of objectivity and impartiality of an estimation of articles.
With a view of maintenance of peer-review the Publishing house INGN initiates and provides formation, filling and development of the REGISTER OF EXTERNAL PEER-REVIEWERS – the list of the experts with a scientific degree, an academic status, interested persons on a voluntary and initiative basis to act as reviewers of scientific articles.
The conclusions of external reviewers are obligatory at the publication of articles in the journals included in the international systems of scientific citing. In this case the Editor-in-chief directs article not less than two external reviewers chosen from the REGISTER OF EXTERNAL PEER- REVIEWERS or accepts from the author not less than two external reviewers chosen by it is independent.
Originals of the conclusions are stored in journal editions within a year from the date of article publication.

A special place in activities of the Publishing house INGN is devoted to participation in the systems of scientific citing. The Publishing house INGN directs the efforts towards including of its journal in the international systems of scientific citing: Web of Science, Scopus, Astrophysics, PubMed, Mathematics, Chemical Abtracts, Springer, Agris, GeoRef.

Inclusion in the systems of international citing implies the high quality of scientific articles and editorial work!

Every journal of the Publishing house INGN:

- has an International Standard Serial Number – ISSN
- puts all articles published in it in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI)
- sends every published issue to the addresses of the mandatory mailing list
- has on the site and issues name of authors, abstracts and keywords, reference list in Russian and English
- articles of electronic journals have digital object identifier (DOI)
- is registered as mass media (Roscomnadzor)

For development of scientific information in the system of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) articles metadata of our journals is indexed Science Electronic Library (SEL) – the head executor of this project.

The experience of our team allows us to be sure that we are able to publish and distribute scientific publications on the basis of compliance with international publishing standards.

Publishing house INGN issues journals which meet the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Ministry of Education on the importance and availability of publications for the scientific community.

Our journals have not been yet included in the List of publications recommended by HAC (List of HAC).
The stage of the registration is being done now.

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