Home Inspection

Don’t Skip The Home Inspection Step


The process of buying a home involves multiple steps. Apart from engaging the services of an experienced realtor, organizing the finances and paperwork, you need to ensure that what you are buying is in great shape. Buying a home is a huge financial commitment and requires great diligence.

As you narrow down on your home choices and are considering making an offer, the next prudent step is to engage a home inspector. Professional home inspections help you avoid making an investment blunder by buying a home that is not up to standards.

Provide an Impartial Professional Opinion

Structural issues in a home are not always easy to recognize. Compared to simple cosmetic issues that can usually be taken care of easily and without major expenditures, major structural issues take longer and tend to cost you more to repair.

Home inspectors, however, have the skills and training needed to know what to check for. They will check to see whether the house was professionally and solidly built. Look for a qualified home inspector in Ooltewah, Signal Mountain, Hixson, or Tennessee to provide you with an impartial and professional opinion to guide your buying decision.

Spend Now to Save Later

Some buyers may not want to spend towards a home inspection in the mistaken belief that it falls under “extra expenses” beside the house purchase price. The truth is that a home inspection adds more value to a property than most buyers realize.

Finding out about faulty appliances and water leakages after the home purchase can lead to pricey and stressful repairs down the road. In this case, engaging the services of a home inspector is an investment in your future. It allows you to plan ahead as the home inspection report details areas that may need to be addressed later.

If you are buying a property in places like Chattanooga or Signal Mountain and the home inspection report indicated no major home defects, it contributes to giving you peace of mind and more confidence in the newly purchased property.

Help in Buying Negotiations

Although home sellers in places like Tennessee are obligated by law to fully disclose all house defects, carrying out your own inspection pays dividends. A home inspection typically consists of an exploration of architectural issues and malfunctions. As a buyer, you can leverage the found variances in discussing a much better purchase price.

Helps you Plan Ahead

The money you spend to pay a home inspector may save you costly repairs later particularly when you are buying an older home that may need upgrades. Home inspection experts in Hixson and Ooltewah are useful in helping you plan for that future as they provide you with detailed reports. Such a detailed report can tell you the “life expectancy” of things in a home such as a roof, appliances, and the furnace.

Last Word

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to buy a home in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, Chattanooga, Ooltewah, or Hixson, this is a major investment and it must be done right. Besides your lender and the real estate professional, getting a local home inspector is critical as it helps make sure your home buying team is complete.